Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holy Craps!

My coworker asked me to make cupcakes for her boyfriend's 30th birthday. His gift is a weekend in Vegas, but she wanted to celebrate his 30th with a dinner with his close friends. She went looking for inspiration and found poker themed cupcakes with fondant and gum paste gambling-themed decorations, and decided to mix it up and focus on his favorite Vegas game: craps.

I made gum paste dice

And gum paste chips

And fabulous green frosting that closely matched the color of a game set she bought to actually be used as a serving tray for the cupcakes.

I think they came out really cute! And bonus! I got to use my awesome new stationery with my logo.

Also, this coworker is really creative with her ideas. A little while back, she asked me to make ring cookies for a shower she was hosting. When the groom proposed, he had a shirt made for the bride that said "I said yes!" with a little bedazzled ring graphic on it. My coworker used vistaprint to have favor tags made with a representation of the shirt, and the cookie was the ring from the shirt. I think they came out super cute when packaged for the shower guests.

It's so wonderful to have continued support and business from my wonderful coworkers!